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Spiritual Formation for Adults

"Among the mature... we impart a secret and hidden wisdom." (I Corinthians 2:6-7)

"Be transformed by the renewing of your mind [Greek "nous"]." (Romans 12:2)

"Put off your old nature... and be renewed in the spirit of your minds [Greek "nous"] and put on the new nature." (Ephesians 4:22-23)

At DaySpring, many of us have come to see that the spiritual journey is deeper and richer than we once thought. Many of us grew up in churches that seemed to teach "get saved and go evangelize" without teaching people how to go deeply into the spiritual life. We want to know God in a deep way that heals and transforms us; we want to have transformed, prepared hearts.

It has been a surprise to many of us to learn that there is an ancient Christian spiritual tradition that teaches a person how to cleanse the heart and open it to God in a way that leads to change. At DaySpring, we value this spiritual tradition and seek to understand it and practice it. This is not pop psychology or New Age stuff or the latest trend -- it is the ancient Christian path that has been largely unknown among western Christians, particularly Protestants.

Though being made right with God does not depend on one's efforts, one's subsequent spiritual progress does, at least in part. The spiritual journey is not an escalator (you just step on and it carries you upward). Jesus said that it is a "hard road," i.e. it requires effort, but it "leads to life." As a person practices spiritual disciplines, i.e. makes an effort, with an open heart, God acts -- the spiritual Fathers described this as synergy.

We want to be a community of spiritual, loving people who are walking the spiritual path and becoming more like Christ.

At DaySpring, we attempt to be formed spiritually in Christ in a variety of ways. We encourage one another to immerse ourselves daily in Scripture through a slow, meditative style of reading. We worship in a style designed to draw us deeper into God. We cultivate stillness and quiet in our lives. We learn how to gain control of our bodily desires, thoughts, and emotions. We learn how to pray.

If you are interested in specific formation opportunities at DaySpring, they are listed below. Also, please visit the Resources/Library section of this web site where you will find documents written by our leadership to assist people on their journey and some recommended books available for purchase in the Commons at DaySpring.

Formation Opportunities

2014 Spiritual Formation Classes Sundays at 9:45 a.m.

Bible Study in the Sanctuary
Tim Martindale and Robert Creech, co-teachers

The Bible study class will study the Gospel of John this spring. All are welcome, and it's a friendly, participative, reflective time with as much or as little preparation as you would like to do. There are no agendas except to learn and freshly explore scripture together that will enrich your personal study and give applications for your week.

Christian Studies Class in the Chapel
Anna Sieges Beal and Barry Harvey, co-teachers

"Taken as a whole, the church clearly can't live without the Bible, but it doesn't seem to have much idea of how to live with it." So writes Tom Wright, who notes that over the last few decades Christians have used and abused the scriptures. They have been vilified and vindicated, torn to pieces by scholars and then sutured back together again, preached from and preached against, extolled and trampled under foot. He says that the Bible has been treated the way tennis players treat the ball. The more you want to win, the harder you hit the poor thing.

This year the Chapel Christian Studies class will use Wright's book, Scripture and the Authority of God, to work toward a common mind on the ways God shapes and directs our church through the Bible. Among the questions we shall consider: What does it mean to talk about the Bible as the Word of God? What has it meant over the centuries to read Scripture "literally"? What role does the church tradition play in biblical interpretation? What are the tools that help us to read the Bible well? How can the scriptures guide our discussion of hotly debated ethical issues? Above all, how do we live together with the Bible rather than being divided by it?

All are welcome.

Other Formation Opportunities:

Spiritual Direction/Guidance is offered in small groups and one-on-one.
Spiritual Formation - 9:45am
Worship - 11am
Contemplative Prayer - 6pm
Youth Gathering - 6pm
Children - 6pm
Adult Formation - 6:30pm
Choir Practice - 7pm
Lectionary Breakfast - 8am
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