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Keep it sacred and simple

Just as every member in the Body of Christ is gifted to offer a particular ministry, we believe every church is gifted in a unique way to be of use in God's kingdom. Some churches minister through a wide range of programs. While these programs can be full of meaning and blessing, they also can engage church members in a sort of "institutional maintenance" that can often drain them rather than fill them up.

At DaySpring we have found that by staying focused on what is sacred and by keeping things simple, our ministry with people will be healing and renewing.

For us this has meant limiting what we say "yes" to. It means saying "no" at times. It means meeting less often. It means keeping institutional structures lean and being "light on our feet" when it comes to decision-making processes. While some organization is always necessary, we do not have any standing committees, nor do we have a deacon body.

At DaySpring we have chosen to do a few things well. Primarily, we are intentional about offering worship that is healing and empowering so that we can, in turn, go and live in the world as empowered, compassionate followers of Christ. This is what we have to offer as a unique expression of Christ's church.

We come together as "grace-oriented" believers, centered in the historic Christian faith, trying to know and care about one another across the generations, and offering our worship to God in a thoughtful way.

Spiritual Formation - 9:45am
Worship - 11am
Evening Prayer - 5:30pm
Youth Gathering - 6pm
Choir Practice - 7pm
Lectionary Breakfast - 8am
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