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Table Setting
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Gathered Tables

Being a Community

DaySpringers are intentional about gathering around meals for conversation and connection. Through the years and through several iterations, we still sense the importance of connecting in these ways, even as we grow in number. Today we call these meals “Gathered Tables”. 

From March 10-24, we have 14 DaySpring hosts all around the city who are opening their homes to you.

This spring’s Gathered Tables are extra special because they’re part of our Giving Back, Building Forward campaign. We have a wonderful opportunity to come together and share a meal. At each table, a campaign steering team leader will briefly introduce the project and answer questions. We’ll pray together for the exciting future of our church grounds and the ways it will shape and serve our church life together.


Please sign up now to help hosts prepare, especially because Tables begin at the end of Spring Break.

If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Brown.

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We all need to eat and drink to stay alive. But having a meal is more than eating and drinking. It is celebrating the gifts of life we share. A meal together is one of the most intimate and sacred human events. Around the table we become vulnerable, filling one another’s plates and cups and encouraging one another to eat and drink. Much more happens at a meal than satisfying hunger and quenching thirst. Around the table we become family, friends, community, yes, a body.

Henri Nouwen

Break for the Journey

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