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Naomi House Blessing

A crowd gathered last night to bless and pray for this new ministry. The litany is below. Please continue to pray for those who will live in the house.

Bless all who come here with the gift of your love, and grant that the Naomi House may be a place of renewal and hope. May we manifest your love to each other and to all who pass through this place.

Together, may we grow in grace and the knowledge and love of God.

Guide, comfort, and strengthen us in peace, O Jesus Christ, now and forever.

May the fruit of this garden be bountiful,

Providing nourishment of heart and mind, hands and body.

May the grounds spring forth your praise and contribute to the well-being of all.

Creator and Healer God, may you bind up our wounds and create a community that bears witness to your redeeming love.

Visit, O blessed Lord, this home and garden with the gladness of your presence.

May the threshold of this home be wide enough to welcome Sojourners and children, yet narrow enough to keep out evil.

May it be strong enough to shield all

who seek refuge here.

Bless all who enter these doors with the gift of your presence.

Peace be to this place.

God’s peace to all who are here and all who are to come.

Prayers for the Naomi House

Peace be to this home.

Christ, bless this house.

Cristo bendiga esta casa. Amén.

Prayers for Those Who Come

Peace be to all who sojourn.

Christ, bless all who journey this day

Cristo bendiga a todos los que viajen este día. Amén.

Prayers for the Neighborhood

Peace be to all who live near.

Christ, bless this neighborhood.

Cristo bendiga a este barrio. Amén.

Passing of the Peace of Christ


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