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After Egypt: A Study in Exodus

Lead by Dennis Tucker and Christina Gibson

2021 Lenten Formation

The book of Exodus paints the journey of God’s people in which YHWH radically delivers Israel from their oppression and slavery in Egypt and covenants to bring Israel to a place of their own. The narrative shows the power, protection, and presence of the God who rescues and redeems.




In this introductory session, we briefly summarize Exodus 1-15 considering the following elements:

The story of the Hebrews’ slavery in Egypt
YHWH’s attention to the cries of the oppressed
God’s actions to make God’s name known and to free God’s people
God’s promises
The establishment of the Passover


I will be your God, you will be my people

We explore the concepts of belonging and identity as it pertains to the establishment of “a people who were not a people” becoming the people of God.


The Wilderness

Exodus 15-18: We consider the early events of Israel’s time in the wilderness. It is during their wandering that God is shown as Protector and Provider , and Israel learns what it means to belong to God.

March 14

Covenant and Law

We consider the role of law as God lays out instructions on a variety of issues, from Mt. Sinai and the Ten Commandments to laws on leadership, worship, and animals.



We consider the ways in which YHWH calls Israel to worship:

YHWH’s dwelling place
Building the altar

March 28

Meeting with God

We discuss Moses’ interactions with God and the ways in which God’s presence is manifested to Israel.

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