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White Cross

Community Life


We seek to be a community of friends who encourage one another to follow Jesus with their whole lives.

Our Philosophy Of Community Life

We believe God’s reality is community. We worship God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and believe that God always moves toward the physical. We see that in creation, which God said, “It is good.” And we see it in the creation of human beings as God’s own image-bearers. Ultimately, we see it in Jesus, the Incarnation, God-made-flesh.

God has always been made known through community as God’s will and God’s ways were made known through Israel, the disciples of Jesus, and the Church.

DaySpring as a community is one expression of God’s communal life through the Church. From the beginning of the life of this church, this has been a community intentional about relationship, friendship, and love-that-shows-up. We hope to be the kind of people who love one another and the Waco are well, and when we have the opportunity to extend relational, compassionate love to neighbors around the world.

What you’ll see here in these pages are some of the ways the life of DaySpring is shaped through relationship with one another and with God as we seek to be part of God’s life through one another’s lives. These glimpses show some of the ways that DaySpring’s life is lived in relationship. The church’s newsletter will have the most updated information. Please subscribe to be in the loop.

These are also invitations to be part of this community. And, we pray, for all of us together to grow deeper in relationship with God.

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