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DaySpring Ministries Chart


DaySpring approaches the work of the church in a unique way.  We are a church that is cared for and run by the laity.  To help everyone connect with a ministry, we have created The DaySpring Ministry Chart with five areas:


At DaySpring, doing simple work together and for one another is seen as an important part of our community life and personal journeys of faith. Joyfully offering gifts of time and talent and humble service makes a difference in the experience we share and that we offer. There are things we can come to know only as we balance work and prayer and study. Our “Chart” is not simply a logistical tool, it’s a vehicle for the sacred life. In this way, our prayer is our work and our work is our prayer. 

In an effort to keep things “Sacred and Simple,” we organize the ministry of our church into the five groups below. Our hope is to match giftedness and passion with specific needs in the church and then set folks free to do the work that needs to be done. Please read the brief descriptions, peruse the chart, pray about it, ask any questions, and make a choice about where you’d like to serve in the coming year

Click below for detailed descriptions of each chart position in each of the five ministry areas:

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