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DaySpring Ministries Chart


DaySpring approaches the work of the church in a unique way.  We are a church that is cared for and run by the laity.  To help everyone connect with a ministry, we have created The DaySpring Ministry Chart with five areas:


At DaySpring, doing simple work together and for one another is seen as an important part of our community life and personal journeys of faith. Joyfully offering gifts of time and talent and humble service makes a difference in the experience we share and that we offer. There are things we can come to know only as we balance work and prayer and study. Our “Chart” is not simply a logistical tool, it’s a vehicle for the sacred life. In this way, our prayer is our work and our work is our prayer. 

In an effort to keep things “Sacred and Simple,” we organize the ministry of our church into the five groups below. Our hope is to match giftedness and passion with specific needs in the church and then set folks free to do the work that needs to be done. Please read the brief descriptions, peruse the chart, pray about it, ask any questions, and make a choice about where you’d like to serve in the coming year

Detailed descriptions of each chart position in each of the five ministry areas:

WORSHIP Ministry

Those who participate in and lead in this ministry are responsible for the worship life of the church. Sanctuary Preparation for Liturgical Seasons (6-8): With the ministry staff, prepare our worship space or the changes of the seasons of the liturgical year. Learn the meaning of the church seasons and help the church’s worship engage the seasons. Worship Guide Proofing (4) (<1 hour/ week): This team proofs worship guides before printing by responding to a weekly email from the church office with files attached. Sound and Video (6-8): Help set up and operate sound and video support during worship. Streaming video is now an integral part of the DaySpring worship experience. We need three teams of 4 who will serve every third week. When we worship outside, we need twice as many people.


Those who participate in and lead this ministry will extend our welcome to guests, help new members feel connected, and help us all grow in relationship with one another. Greeters/Ushers (15): Two greeters serve each Sunday and serve as the face and welcome of the church to members and guests. Ushers help with finding extra chairs and seats, especially for visitors on high traffic Sundays (Aug-Sept, January, Easter). They also light the candles before worship, ring the gathering bell at the bell tower at 5 minutes before worship and help tidy up the sanctuary after worship. Church-Wide Fellowship & Hospitality Team (7+): The church-wide fellowship team helps coordinate our church-wide meal gatherings such as “all-church breakfast,” Maundy Thursday dinner, Covenant Day meal, tamale supper, etc. This involves set-up and clean-up. The Fellowship team also helps keep the kitchen picked up, reports what kitchen supplies need to be ordered and washes communion linens. Bereavement Care Coordinators: (2): ( time commitment varies and is sporadic but important when a significant need arises) Bereavement care ministry comes alongside a family during an illness or special situation in which meals, support and encouragement are needed. This can entail coordinating meals for a family, visiting someone in the hospital, etc. New Parent Support: Encourage our new parents by checking in on them after the birth of a baby and by creating and sharing a meal calendar for DaySpringers to provide meals. Visitor Outreach (2): ( Often weekly) Offer hospitality to those visiting DaySpring by sending a welcome note, meeting them, inviting them to a Gathered Table meal or lunch after church. Homebound Visits (2): Extend hospitality with homebound members by visiting and calling them.


Those who participate in and lead this ministry will work to provide opportunities for learning and maturing in the Christian faith and practicing spiritual disciplines. ADULTS Adult Spiritual Formation Class Leaders:( weekly commitment on Sundays at 9:45 am during fall and spring) Adult spiritual formation leaders provide a variety of leadership functions in our adult spiritual formation classes. We always love having fresh voices who are willing and able to teach, in addition to leaders who can welcome our members and guests to the formation hour. Retreat Leadership (Men, Women, Silent): ( around 5 hours around the retreat event) DaySpring has long valued the importance of coming away to a quiet place to be with Christ. We try to organize a women’s retreat, a men’s retreat, and a Lenten silent retreat every year or so. We are experimenting for a season with monthly silent retreats. We need people who are willing to help organize, publicize, and administer these important times of retreat for our congregation. Lectionary Breakfast Coordinator: ( Friday 8-9 am, weekly email reminders) Assist with leading the lectionary discussion group each Friday morning. On zoom until we can resume in person breakfast. Undergraduate Ministry (4): ( Commitment varies) Our undergraduate ministry team helps with our ministry to college students which includes mentoring, helping with rides for students, church fair, small group and outreach. YOUTH Youth Ministry Team (4): Members of the Youth Ministry Team will be expected to maintain an active role in either the Sunday Morning Formation Classes or the Wednesday Night Gatherings. Team members are expected to be passionate about walking alongside our students during these important, formative years. Being on this team will require no more than 5 hours per week of time, with the exception of volunteering for summer camp or spring retreat. Youth Ministry Host Homes: Members of the Host Home team are expected to be willing to host our students for special events during the year. Host homes are expected to be clean. Ideally, with enough volunteers, you will only be asked to host once or twice a year. Depending on the event and the number of volunteers, you may be asked to provide transportation to/from local areas. CHILDREN Fall/Spring Sunday School Teachers (14): Sunday school is one of the primary ways DaySpring nurtures children in their growing faith in Jesus. We have several teachers who have taught for over 7 years giving testimony to how rich and rewarding it can be. The weekly commitment may feel intimidating, but it allows for the teachers' deep and lasting connections with the children and one another. We keep a list of willing substitutes who step in when you're absent. Each of our classrooms has two teachers: a storyteller and a doorkeeper. The roles look different in each classroom, but typically the storyteller prepares and tells the Bible story, guides the wondering questions, and prays with the children before the feast (snack). The doorkeeper welcomes the children, assists with transitions, and blesses the children upon dismissal. Summer Sunday School Teachers (14): Each summer we aim to give our Fall and Spring teachers a break to rest and renew their commitment to teaching children. Summer Formation typically lasts 8 Sundays and is a wonderful way to build relationships with the children. We know folks travel in the summer and will work with you to find a substitute on the Sundays you’re unavailable. Fall/Spring Wednesday Evening Leaders (6): Lead Wednesday evening children’s activities alongside the Minister to Children and Families. Classes meet from 6:00 p.m. - 7:15 p.m. and typically include community building activities along with lessons. If you’re only available in the fall or spring, no problem! If enough folks sign up we’ll have a fall team and spring team. Summer Class (Expressions, Kids on Mission, etc.) (5): Alongside the Minister to Children and Families plan a summer formation opportunity for children. Special Events (Advent Wreath, Easter Egg Hunt, etc.) (6): Alongside the Minister to Children and Families, plan and implement special events related to the liturgical calendar.


Those who participate in and lead in this ministry help the church do God’s work in the community. Gospel Café Team (10): ( 2-3 hours a month) Gospel Cafe offers a free meal to anyone who needs it; it is located near downtown. This team helps make, serve and clean up a meal on the second Wednesday of the month from 10:30 am - 1:30 pm. Ridgecrest Worship Team (10): Help with our weekly worship services at Ridgecrest Retirement, held on the 1st and 2nd Sunday of each month (9:40 -10:35 am) as we build relationships and befriend our neighbors. Advent Mission Tree Team (4-5): ( 4-8 hours, November-December) This team, in consultation with our local mission partners, creates opportunities for our congregation to support these ministries at Christmas by preparing ornaments for the Mission Tree. This includes set up and removal and delivery of mission tree items collected. Immigrant Hospitality Ministry (8-10): ( Varied time commitments) Help in planning our expanding hospitality ministry to immigrants in Waco. This is “big picture” and also “hands on” type of ministry from offering rides or helping with English conversation to planning with our hospitality house (The "Naomi House") steering team in connection with local partners. Greater Ebenezer Partner/Thanksgiving Basket Coordinator (3): ( 8 hours of preparation in October and November and check ins spring/summer) 3-4 people work alongside our friends at Greater Ebenezer Baptist Church developing friendships and partnerships throughout the year -- especially with their Thanksgiving Basket project. This team also coordinates DaySpring’s efforts with this joint project. We begin meeting together in October, gather items with the congregation in November and compile baskets together the Monday before Thanksgiving.


Those who participate in and lead this ministry will give guidance and care to the church’s financial and physical resources. Take 2 Workday Organizers (4): INSIDE Cleaning Team Coordinators (2): Contact and schedule teams of volunteers to clean the church on a regular basis. Keep the stock of cleaning supplies dispersed and ask the office manager to order replacements. Counting Team (8-12): ( 30-45 minutes after in person worship, ~2x/month) DaySpring members who are responsible for accurately counting and recording the weekly offering each week. OUTSIDE Landscaping (Flower, Path, Trail & Veggie Bed Care) (10-12): (3 hours a month?) This team can divide the projects of caring for (planting and weeding) both flower beds and veggie beds and (weeding) path to the baptistry and caring for and planning prayer trails.

The Big Three

Worship Care (100+!): Worship is central to our life together and worship care ensures that our parents worship with the peace of mind that their young children are cared for. You will serve on Sunday once a quarter from 10:40 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. in a classroom with another DaySpringer and a trained childcare staff when available. We need everyone to serve in order to honor our quarterly rotation. Cleaning Teams (40+!): The cleaning ministry is an expression of our church’s commitment to take ownership of the gifts we share and offer to our guests. With our buildings closed, cleaning teams will focus on particular areas to deep clean. As the buildings reopen in 2021, cleaning will be an important ministry. Mowing Team (20+!): (1-2 hours about once/month) Mow, edge, and clear the sidewalks. The mowing team faithfully prepares the first impression most people have of our church and helps make the DaySpring grounds an inviting place of prayer and rest. DS provides the equipment.

Take 2 Workdays
Along with the basic Chart work, we’re organizing a Workday each month and ask everyone associated with DaySpring to take part in at least one. We’ll do good work and get to do it together.
Take 2 Workdays are Saturdays from 9-11 am. 
Watch the Newsletter for dates.