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Naomi House 

DaySpring Baptist Church operates a hospitality house in Waco, Texas,  for asylum seekers who recently entered the United States. The Naomi House is a temporary place of refuge for families as they prepare for the next steps in their asylum-seeking journey.


Church members serve as hosts in the house, creating an intentional healing space as asylees establish housing, jobs, and community.


As Naomi took in Ruth on their journey as outsiders in a foreign land, so the Naomi House seeks to accompany those seeking asylum and refuge. See Ruth 1:16-22.

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G E T   I N V O L V E D

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L E A R N   M O R E

L A T E S T  U P D A T E S

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  • The Big Three
    Worship Care (100+!): Worship is central to our life together. Worship care helps our babies, toddlers, and preschoolers know church as a safe and loving place where they can wiggle and giggle. It’s an important ministry we offer to our youngest children and to their parents. It’s also a great way to know lots of DaySpringers as the majority of us take a turn. Worship care helpers serve one Sunday per quarter from 10:40 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Once you’re on the rotation we ask that you stay on unless you opt-out during chart sign-ups. Since we offer worship care every Sunday, this “opt-out” approach allows for minimum disruption in scheduling. Cleaning Teams (40+!): The cleaning ministry is an enduring participation in our commitment to take ownership of the gifts we share and offer to our guests. It is also a way to help with your own schedule and get to know other people. Teams are scheduled on a rotating basis, and individual team members are assigned to different areas of the church campus. The more teams we can assemble, the less often teams are scheduled. Mowing Team (20+!): Mow, edge, and clear the sidewalks.The mowing team faithfully prepares the first impression most people have of our church and helps make the DaySpring grounds an inviting place of prayer and rest. DaySpring provides the equipment.
  • WORSHIP Ministry
    Those who participate in and lead in this ministry are responsible for the worship life of the church. Sanctuary Preparation for Liturgical Seasons (6-8): With the ministry staff, prepare our worship space for the changes of the seasons of the liturgical year. Learn the meaning of the church seasons and help the church’s worship engage the seasons. Sound and Video Team (6-8): Help set up and operate sound and video support during worship. Streaming video is now an integral part of the DaySpring worship experience. We need three teams of 4 who will serve every third week. When we worship outside, we need twice as many people. The Great Baptist Bakers: On weeks when you’re able, bake bread for Sunday morning’s celebration of communion. You can bake as often or as irregularly as will work for you. Worship Guide Proofing (4) (<1 hour/ week): This team proofs worship guides before printing by responding to a weekly email from the church office with files attached. Offering (K - 6th grade): DaySpring values children leading worship and one way they do that is by taking up the offering. Chiming of the Hour (4th - 6th grade): Chiming the hour is another way our children lead worship. The bells are heavy and sometimes hard for younger children to ring. Therefore, we reserve chiming the hour for our 4th - 6th graders. Offering (7th - 12th grade): Serve on a rotation of youth who take up the offering in worship. Chiming of the Hour (7th - 12th grade): Serve on a rotation of youth who chime the hour at the beginning of worship.
    Those who participate in and lead this ministry will work to provide opportunities for learning and maturing in the Christian faith and practicing spiritual disciplines. ADULTS Retreat Leadership (Men, Women, Silent): (around 5 hours around the retreat event) DaySpring has long valued the importance of coming away to a quiet place to be with Christ. We try to organize a women’s retreat, a men’s retreat, and a Lenten silent retreat every year or so. We are experimenting for a season with monthly silent retreats. We need people who are willing to help organize, publicize, and administer these important times of retreat for our congregation. College Ministry Leadership Team (4): (Commitment varies) Our undergraduate ministry team helps with our ministry to college students which includes mentoring, helping with rides for students, church fair, small groups, and outreach. Lectionary Breakfast Coordinator: (Friday 8-9 am, weekly email reminders) Assist with leading the lectionary discussion group each Friday morning. YOUTH Youth Ministry Sunday School Leaders (4): Sunday formation is a key aspect of DaySpring’s youth ministry. Sunday School leaders serve the youth by attending Sunday formation, teaching lessons, and leading discussions. Leaders help create a culture of inclusiveness, curiosity, and connection with God and others. In addition to regular leaders, we need 2-3 substitute teachers to draw on throughout the year. Youth Ministry Wednesday Evening Leaders (4): Wednesday night youth gatherings are at the heart of our community’s life together each week. Wednesday night leaders help facilitate games, worship, and small groups. Youth Ministry Host Homes (6): Host homes are expected to host our students for special events during the year, such as an overnight retreat, pool party, or meal. Host homes are expected to be clean and coordinate food with the youth minister. Ideally, host homes will only be asked to host once or twice a year. CHILDREN Fall/Spring Sunday School Teachers (14): Sunday school is one of the primary ways DaySpring nurtures children in their growing faith in Jesus. We have several teachers who have taught for over 7 years giving testimony to how rich and rewarding it can be. The weekly commitment may feel intimidating, but it allows for the teachers' deep and lasting connections with the children and one another. We keep a list of willing substitutes who step in when you're absent. Each of our classrooms has two teachers: a storyteller and a doorkeeper. The roles look different in each classroom, but typically the storyteller prepares and tells the Bible story, guides the wondering questions, and prays with the children before the feast (snack). The doorkeeper welcomes the children, assists with transitions and response time, and blesses the children upon dismissal. Summer Sunday School Teachers (8): Each summer we aim to give our Fall and Spring teachers a break to rest and renew their commitment to teaching children. Summer Formation typically lasts 8 Sundays and is a wonderful way to build relationships with the children. We know folks travel in the summer and will work with you to find a substitute on the Sundays you’re unavailable. Fall/Spring Wednesday Evening Leaders (6): Lead Wednesday evening children’s activities alongside the Minister to Children and Families and Director of Preschool Ministries. Classes meet from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Our Wednesday classes have lots of room for creativity and to try new things, so if you have a passion for a particular children’s program, let the staff know. If you’re only available in the fall or spring, no problem! If enough folks sign up we’ll have a fall and spring team. Summer Special (Compassion Camp, Expressions (VBS), etc.) (8 plus youth): Alongside the Minister to Children and Families plan a summer formation opportunity for children. Summer formation is a great time to experiment with programs. If you’re gifted in music, recreation, decoration, or working with preschoolers, please indicate that on your sign-up form. If you have a multitude of gifts and simply want to pitch in wherever you can, please do. Special Events (Advent, Easter, Pentecost, Fun on the Hill) (6): Alongside the Minister to Children and Families, plan and implement special events related to the liturgical calendar and other occasions. This calendar year allows for a New Year’s Eve party before Advent begins. If that excites you, this chart position is for you.
    Those who participate in and lead this ministry will extend our welcome to guests, help new members feel connected, and help us all grow in relationship with one another. Greeters/Ushers (15): Two greeters serve each Sunday and serve as the face and welcome of the church to members and guests. Ushers help with finding extra chairs and seats, especially for visitors on high-traffic Sundays (Aug-Sept, January, Easter). They also ring the gathering bell at the bell tower 5 minutes before worship and help tidy up the sanctuary after worship. Church-Wide Fellowship & Hospitality Team (8+): The church-wide fellowship team helps coordinate our church-wide meal gatherings such as “all-church breakfast,” Maundy Thursday dinner, Covenant Day meal, tamale supper, etc. This involves set-up and clean-up. Gathered Tables Hosts: Hosts and co-hosts for Gathered Tables coordinate a monthly meal in their neighborhood for church members, leaving room to invite guests visiting the church and guests from the neighborhood. Homebound Visits (2-3): Extend hospitality with homebound members by visiting and calling them. Visitor Contact and Outreach: Contact and warmly welcome guests who sign the Guest Sign-In Sheet. New Parent Care: Encourage parents by checking in on them after the birth of a baby and creating a meal calendar for DaySpringers to provide dinner..
  • MISSIONS Ministry
    Those who participate in and lead in this ministry help the church do God’s work in the community. Gospel Café Team (10): (2-3 hours a month) Gospel Cafe offers a free meal to anyone who needs it; it is located near downtown. This team helps make, serve and clean up a meal on the second Wednesday of the month from 10:30 am - 1:30 pm. Ridgecrest Worship Team (10): Help with our weekly worship services at Ridgecrest Retirement, held on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month (9:40 -10:35 am) as we build relationships and befriend our neighbors. Naomi House Support Team: General needs at the Naomi House might include Cooking meals, visiting with families to practice English, delivering groceries or household items, and more. If you wish to serve in any way at the Naomi House, you can sign up here and work with Jo Anne Beaty to specify where you can best serve. Naomi House Driving Team: Drivers for the Naomi House need to be committed individuals who can participate in a regular driving schedule or be available for emergency driving needs. Driving will be scheduled in advance as much as possible and drivers will rotate through “on” and “off” weeks so as to avoid significant time commitments. Greater Ebenezer Partner/Thanksgiving Basket Coordinator (3): (8 hours of preparation in October and November and check-ins spring/summer) 3-4 people work alongside our friends at Greater Ebenezer Baptist Church developing friendships and partnerships throughout the year -- especially with their Thanksgiving Basket project. This team also coordinates DaySpring’s efforts with this joint project. We begin meeting together in October, gather items with the congregation in November, and compile baskets together the Monday before Thanksgiving. Advent Mission Tree: Work with staff to prepare the mission tree during the Advent season. The Tree is a way we connect individuals in the congregation with our mission partners locally and around the world.
  • STEWARDSHIP Ministry
    Those who participate in and lead this ministry will give guidance and care to the church’s financial and physical resources. INSIDE Cleaning Team Coordinators (2): The Coordinators of the Cleaning Teams ensure teams know what to do and when. Contact and schedule teams of volunteers to clean the church on a regular basis. Disperse cleaning supplies and communicate with the office manager to order replacements. Keep a clean supply of dish towels and cleaning rags. Children’s Library and Shed Organization (3): If you have the gift of organizing, we need you. Our children’s books need organizing and our children’s shed does, too. Our Minister to Children and Families will support you by identifying projects but encourages you to work independently based on your availability. Keeper of the Kitchen: Keep the kitchen clean and organized. Alert the office manager when supplies run low prior to church-wide events and wash communion linens. OUTSIDE Flower Beds (6-8): This group takes responsibility for the flower beds around the church buildings, sign, and baptistry. They promote the beauty of the church campus. Veggie Beds (2-4): Help plant, tend, and harvest our vegetable beds. Opportunities to teach and learn gardening skills and to share the harvest on the DaySpring Community Table. Compost Crew (4): Work together to collect and chop food scraps, maintain the community compost bins, and harvest compost. Help encourage the church’s participation in composting as integral to the cycles of creation. Trees and Trails (5-8): This group takes responsibility for clearing trees and maintaining prayer trails on the church campus. They help create contemplative spaces for reflection and prayer. Playground and Path (3-5): This group takes responsibility for the upkeep of the playground area, including weeding and maintenance. Our Minister to Children and Families may also ask for input or oversight on larger playground projects such as shade structures, fence repairs, etc. Please include any special knowledge or skills related to such projects. OFFICE Counting Team (8-12): (30-45 minutes worship, ~2x/month) DaySpring members who are responsible for accurately counting and recording the weekly offering each week. A training session is held to familiarize the team with all the steps involved. Digital Content Team (3-4): Assist in photography and graphics for newsletter and website images; take photos on special occasions and of the DaySpring campus through the liturgical seasons. Assist the office manager with keeping and updating the website and social media platforms. Software Systems Team (2): Assist the office manager with integrating systems for marketing, website, and records management; use current systems to our full potential. Accounting Review Team (2-3): Quarterly review of budget line items and transactions, assist office manager and treasurer with oversight.

F O R   N A O M I  H O U S E  U S E

Use the link below to request authorization of purchases for the Naomi House or to notify leadership of repair needs

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