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Community Composting


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Our project thrives on community involvement. Whether it is bringing your scraps, offering your time to help, or cultivating a local partnership with your business or organization, we invite you along. Use the forms below to find out more.



Composting is a kind thing to do for the earth and more than just a symbol of prominent Christian themes (the journey of death to life, recreation, etc). Composting is one of many embodied actions humans do in partnership with God in the process of recreation and restoration. 


We believe that God has created this world and that humans do not exist outside of that creation. One of the roles given to humans in the created order is to steward the creation we have been given by being fruitful and multiplying (Gen 1:26-28). God has invited us into a symbiotic relationship with dirt and bug, birds and bees, lion and bears, oceans and rivers. 

Due to multiple factors, largely the industrial revolution and the schools of thought that came with it, some Christians today have lost sight of this invitation and role we have been given. Rather than understanding our place as a part of a cycle, we have removed ourselves and see humans’ role as an oversight manager of a linear assembly line. What once was seen as dirt—> food —> human consumption —> fertilizer in the dirt (closed loop cycle) is now dirt—> food —> human consumption —> waste —> landfill….. need for artificial fertilizer in soil.


By composting, we are resisting the culturally dominant narrative that consumption can only lead to waste and reclaiming our membership to a cyclical ecosystem. We choose not to see lost causes of waste, but potential for new life through transformation, specifically the composting process. 


So come compost with us! And if all you see composting as is a favor to the earth, that’s okay with us! Your compost is just as valuable as any other to us. Take a bucket and grab your chopping shovel. Let’s see what good we can do. 

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