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This One’s For the Church Goers

- by Rachel Hall  


this one’s for the church-goers 

and for those 

who used to be 

want to be 

or are still undecided 

for the Sunday hat wearers 

and potluck attenders 

for the front line- first up- sanctuary greeters 

and the last in, last row first-timers 

this one’s for you 

for the zoomed in baptists 

for whom sanctuary service 

feels less than sanctuary 

and the calloused knees 

struggling to hear 

God speak 

for the passionate evangelical 

and deconstructing millennial  

just desperate for a faith 

with hands 

for the silent saints 

praying under their breath 

over unassuming souls in their midst 

and the man 

who stands on a street corner 

yelling into a microphone 

because he knows no other way 

This one’s for you 

for the 9 year old Awana star 

and the parents who drive her 

for the 49 year old single  

still trying to find their place 

for the single parent  

raising daughters 

for the good girls  

without good fathers 

for the adopters 

building new, beautiful families 

one long, intentional day at a time 

for the prodigal son who  

has yet to return home

for the one who never strayed 

but resents the one who did 

for the mother who prays daily 

for the salvation of her children 

for the children who 

don’t want to go home 

for Christmas 

for the brave tongues 

with questions  

that feel too big 

to hold 

and the ones trying their best 

to hold  

space for them 

as they wait 

and wait 

and wait 

for something like 

feels like an answer 

this is for the teenager 

who finds belonging on  


but loneliness on Sundays 

why is there loneliness on Sundays 

this is for the pastor who practices 

more than they preach 

and for those who have been asked to stay

strong when they needed to be weak 

this is  

for the seminary-drop outs 

and bible-belt burn outs 

and for the fired up souls 

faithfully setting the table 

for a seventy-seventh chance 

this one’s for you 

this one’s for you 

I could speak a thousand lines 

that would all have different hearers 

interpreted versions 


then left out to dry

my words 

are old paper 

a second from dusting 

in a world 

thats gone digital 

i speak 

so that these thoughts might find  their way to you 

through audio waves 

and mp4 conversions 

might convert 

the interpretations of the gospel from mis-heard musings 

to radical hope 

a hope so big 

we sometimes miss it 

like the air all around us 

sustaining our lungs 

but never thanked 

truth is an ocean  

and i come to you 

with an eye dropper 

leave a few droplets 

for your examination 


is it possible that God is good 

even when His people are not? 

what if the church 

is meant to be a light house 

for the wandering soul 

within us all?  

And what if the Bible is simply true? if every black and red word 

is a way that God is 

sharing Himself with you? 

So for those whom the word

“church” makes you flinch 

and for those whom the word

“church” makes you praise 

to the thinkers and dreamers 

and Sunday school teachers 

and controversial ideators 

for the humans 

with beating hearts 

still wanting a seat 

at the table 

may you take the time to ponder let

faith roll around in your mouth a while

really see what it tastes like 

in its rawest form 

not just attached to your past experiences

or Sunday service teachings 

ask the questions 

you’re terrified to find answers to

see if God meets you

somewhere along the way 

the church 

is not perfect 

but no matter where you find

yourself remember 

it takes two sides of a coin 

to make change 

and you are home 

this body is better 

for having you 


for those showing up 

for those looking around 

with their own two eyes 

to see what light they can find 

for the ones trying hard to wrap

arms all the way around this world 

and for those who wish this world would

wrap arms all the way around them 

to all of my brothers 

and all of my sisters 

the One you seek 

has never stopped seeking you 

come meet Him 

as you are 

see Him gather with His people 

we are but one, broken body 

made whole 

by the One broken body 

and you are loved 

come belong here 

this one’s for you


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