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Giving Back, Building Forward: Advance Commitments and Pledges

April 19, 2024

Dear DaySpringers,

We just had a great evening at the Advance Commitment Showcase. What talent we have in this church! On May 5, Commitment Sunday, we will have an all-church brunch that will be a little different. You WON’T have to bring anything! Breakfast will be served for everyone in a large tent on the lower parking lot, so we’ll have plenty of room…. and entertainment! What a great way to start Commitment Sunday!

Of course, this will be a celebration for our Giving Back, Building Forward campaign as we will submit our pledge cards that day. Some of you may have questions about the campaign and I thought I would address a few questions I’ve heard.

When do the commitments begin?

The first Sunday in the three-year giving period is June 2.

What if I can’t fulfill my commitment?

None of us know the future. We only ask that you pray and let God lead you to your commitment. If your circumstances change, you can revise your commitment accordingly.

Will my commitment be kept confidential?

Yes! As with our regular offerings, all commitments are confidential.

How will I give my pledge to the campaign?

A pledge card and privacy envelope will be mailed to you next week. We ask that everyone bring their pledge card on May 5th. If you will not be in attendance that day, you can mail your pledge card to the church or pledge online after April 29. If you turned in a pledge card toward the Advance Commitment total, check the box on the card labeled "I have already turned in my pledge."

This has been a wonderful season of prayer and generosity as we seek God's guidance for the future of DaySpring. Thanks be to God for those DaySpringers who’ve gone before and brought us to this point and those who will follow in the next phase in our journey.

Campaign Chair



Our team has composed a prayer guide with prompts for daily prayer. You are encouraged to spend time in prayer this month with each of these daily prompts.


We as a church family are in the middle of a study about biblical generosity during Spiritual Formation hour. Thanks to Amy Toney for her planning and leadership for the adults on Sunday. This week, Barry Harvey will guide our study about giving with believers, with a discussion led by Jennifer Kemper. Please join us on Sunday at 9:45 am.


Upcoming campaign dates:

April 14-April 21

Advance Commitment period

April 21

Final Day for Advance Commitments

**Turn in your advance commitment in the offering plate

April 23

Pledge cards mailed to all DaySpringer households

April 28

Advance commitment total announced

May 5

Celebration Brunch and Worship with the Purple Hulls

Turn in pledge cards during worship

May 12

Announcement of total commitment pledge

June 2

First Fruits Sunday

Three-year giving period begins


For those who were unable to attend the Advance Commitment Showcase,

here is a video of the presentation and showcase that followed.

Thank you, DaySpringers:

The Advance Commitment Team

Bill Perdue

Amy Johnson

Brenda Giles

Sadie Honeycutt

Melva Williams

Susan Thrift

Julie Burleson

Tyler Ellis

The Showcase

Appetizer Bringers

Dessert Bringers

Fiona Bond & Bruce Longenecker

Monty Suffern

Wes Cunningham

Joel Edwards

Matthew Porter

Rachel Hall

The Contemplative Desperados

DaySpring Youth

DaySpring Children

The Children's Team

Katie Talbert

Walker Talbert

Kingsley Gibbs

Amy Everett

Ashleigh Kelley



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