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What to Expect on Commitment Sunday

Dear DaySpringers,

What a gift (no pun intended!) the Giving Back, Building Forward Campaign has been. It has been a time to focus on our church life and what it will look like for future generations while having fun and learning more about each other and God, during the process. I hope you have been blessed by our time of thoughtful and prayerful consideration.

All of this culminates on Commitment Sunday, May 5th. In the next week, all DaySpringers will receive a commitment card in the mail, even if you participated in the Advance Commitment pledge. May 5th will be a day to celebrate and symbolically see what God has done. What better way to do that than by seeing everyone turn in envelopes at one time? If you’ve already turned in a pledge, simply mark the box on the card that says “I have already turned in my pledge.” There is also a box to check on the back of the card if you are not able to commit to a financial pledge at this time but can support the project in other ways. If you are pledging and still have questions, please feel free to contact Eric, Nancy, or me. We’ll do our best to answer any questions.

We will begin May 5th, at 9:30 a.m., with a brunch for everyone in the lower parking lot under a tent. So, in good or bad weather, we can all get together. There will be special music from The Purple Hulls, and DaySpring will provide catered breakfast tacos and pastries. You don’t even have to cook! As you eat, you can look toward the playground and envision what the new building will look like. I personally am looking forward to rocking on the Kaiser Terrace!

After breakfast, we will move to the Cathedral of the Oaks (weather permitting) for our worship service at 11 a.m. What a wonderful way to cap off this campaign and celebrate what God has done and continues to do in the life of DaySpring.

Campaign Chair


Our introduction to DaySpring was over 10 years ago. We were retiring and trying to decide where to move. On a visit to Waco, our daughter Jennifer invited us to DaySpring. She excitedly tried to explain "Sacred and Simple."

We were warmly welcomed and experienced a quiet solitude and unhurried pace of worship. We immediately felt a gentle peace and knew that we found a church home. We bought a house and started the move to Waco. We continue to discover the rhythms of DaySpring with each passing week. With Pat Kaiser’s kind help, we found a place to serve on a cleaning team. Later, I found connection in the Men’s Bible Study and a place to serve on the mowing team. I continue to be amazed and blessed that everyone--young and old--are involved in the life of the church.

Brenda and I are both excitedly looking forward to our future at DaySpring.

Joe Giles


Our team has composed a prayer guide with prompts for daily prayer. You are encouraged to spend time in prayer this month with each of these daily prompts.


We as a church family are in the middle of a study about biblical generosity during Spiritual Formation hour. Thanks to Barry Harvey for guiding our discussion about giving with believers. Our last week will be led by Jeff Strietzel, talking about giving from abundance, with a discussion led by Jennifer Kemper. Please join us on Sunday at 9:45 am. Contact Brett Gibson or Jeff Strietzel for more information.


Upcoming campaign dates:

April 26

Pledge cards mailed to all DaySpringer households

April 28

Advance commitment total announced

May 5

Celebration Brunch and Worship with the Purple Hulls

Turn in pledge cards during worship

May 12

Announcement of total commitment pledge

June 2

First Fruits Sunday

Three-year giving period begins


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