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Glory to God

Mary sat astride the donkey,

being great with child,

Jesus sat astride his donkey,

being heavy with anticipation,

Riding Into Bethlehem,

in the dark of night.

Riding into the Holy City,

in the light of the day.

Joseph followed alongside,


Crowds lined the way,


A soft breeze

cooled them gently

Palm branches

waved wildly.

Only quiet

welcomed this family.

Children sang,

people shouted.

A humble manger

awaited a baby.

Expectant throngs

awaited the Messiah.

Only the expectant parents knew

Only Lord Jesus truly understood

the time had come for her to deliver.

the hour had come for him to be glorified.

The Star above bore witness

to the birth of a King.

The Sun above bore witness

to the death of the King.

The host of angels sang,

filling the heavens.

The empty rock

echoed across the hills.

Glory to God! He is born!

Glory to God! He is not here; He is risen!

J. Beaty

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