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Praying Together

Oh Lord hear my prayer, listen to my cry for mercy. In your faithfulness and righteousness come to my relief. Psalm 143:1

It seems every time I turned around in the past year God has been impressing on me the importance of prayer. I grew up in the church and have gone my whole life but lately, prayer has just taken on a special emphasis. In February I was in Galveston and my sister-in-law insisted I see this gift shop. I wasn’t really thrilled, it seems like I’ve been in every shop on The Strand several times. She led me back to an alcove in the store where the owners had started a prayer wall. Wow! How often do you see something like that in a gift shop? We talked to the owner who told so many stories of people from all over that come in see the wall and share their stories and prayer request. People at her church as well as other groups come in on a regular basis and pray for the request.

Having felt the prayers of this church during Glenn’s illness and knowing how important that was to me, I wanted to do something like this at Dayspring. Not only for our members' prayer requests but for those nearby as well like Texas Oncology and Ridgecrest. I’ve posted a small prayer wall in the chapel by the prayer bench. I will be talking to Texas Oncology and Ridgecrest about our prayer trails and chapel as a respite during difficult times. Please post your own prayer requests and say a prayer for those listed. I plan to commit to praying one day a week for those on the board and hope you will join me.

Becky Kueck


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